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After the success of its first edition, the New Media Academy launched the second season of its “Content Faris” program, to qualify elite Arab content makers, develop their skills as influencers in local and international digital platforms, and give them opportunities and capabilities to chart an independent creative career path, within the framework of the Academy’s first vision. One of its kind in the field of digital media in the Arab world, launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, in 2020, to support talents in the region, to create distinct and creative content, and to contribute to the advancement of Arab digital content in its content And its means.

The “Content Faris” program will be held in its new session under the supervision and training of a group of international trainers specialized in this field, led by global content maker and well-known media influencer Louay Sahai (@LowiSahi).

In its new version, the program supports the development of the skills of a new generation of content creators to build a professional career path, achieve financial independence, and enable them to invest their talents and tell their inspiring and influential stories and spread them as widely as possible on the Arab and international levels, due to the impact of modern digital content and social media.

Numbers and Challenges

The “Content Knights” program is a practical response to the urgent challenges that Arab content and its makers face, most notably the limited share of Arabic content on the global Internet to 1%, and the limited contribution of the digital economy to Arab gross product by only 4%, compared to 22% of the global average, with a decline Marketing rates by Arab influencers, compared to doubling globally every year, at a value of $ 15 billion this year. Statistics published by the World Economic Forum, as part of the Future of Jobs Report 2018, indicate that 42% of jobs around the world will rely on some form of digital solution in 2022.

Full time job

The “Content Faris” program achieved a growth of 482%, and the total number of followers increased to 2.2 million followers in less than a year, while a number of graduates of the first batch, such as Emirati content maker Maitha Mohammed, moved to full-time content creation and choose an independent creative career path. .

Creative skills

The second season of the program, which opened the door for registration for everyone, starts after the great success of the first season last year, and returns with a new, more sophisticated and wider outlook to receive more than 1,500 requests, and selects 50 Arab content creators and trains them on everything they need, to implement their ideas and launch Unleash their creative talents in the field of screenwriting, storytelling, photography and editing, and to implement ideas professionally according to international best practices, under the supervision of a specialized group of international trainers and experts, such as: Christian LeBlanc (@LostLeBlanc), Mina Al-Sheikhly (@MinaAlsheikhly), and Drew Pinsky (@ DrewBinsky), Kilp Gardner, and Mohsen Khan (@EMKWAN).

Positive effect

The Executive Director of the New Media Academy, Rashid Al-Awadhi, confirmed that the Academy contributes to the preparation of professional competencies in the content industry to meet the growing demand for digital jobs, which has become a necessity today within government and private institutions, pointing out that it provides professional and professional certificates accredited at the regional level in digital disciplines. Strongly required in the strategies and policies of most institutions and companies, pointing out to communicate with the academy partners to bring digital training on content creation to young people early, starting even from high school.

Al-Awadi said: “The New Media Academy, launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, in June 2020, is keen to prepare Arab generations capable of producing content, to support Arab talents, develop and enhance digital Arabic content, and provide an immersive and comprehensive educational experience that gives opportunity. For digital content makers in the Arab world, to reach tens of thousands of followers, and to generate income that achieves financial independence from the proceeds of the content industry on a global level.

Local success stories

This season comes after the success of the first round last year, which witnessed the selection of 10 talents out of 20, who achieved distinguished achievements in spreading and reaching the largest number of followers, as some increased their fan base by up to 2000%, and were also able to monitor a remarkable development in Analytics and data on their media platforms. Among the talents that starred in the previous season: Dr. Saif Darwish, who is interested in health, advice and medical advice (@drsaifdarwish), Maitha Muhammad (@mythjourney), who is interested in art, culture and human affairs, and Ahmed Al Marzouki (@ahmedmhm), a content maker and passionate about economics and its presentation. For people in the simplest and easiest way.

Professional makers

The program continues in its new look this year for a period of five months, after which 10 out of 50 qualified individuals will be selected this season, to follow the journey as part of an exclusive training program with the Academy that lasts three years, and nurtures and develops their skills until they become professional content creators, by enabling them to develop integrated strategies for content And manage its platforms.

The members of the program benefit from the experts and global content makers at the New Media Academy, and from its services to guide them about the quality of appropriate content for the various media platforms, in addition to communicating with the most important influencers in the field of digital content, to enable them to implement their ideas in its various stages and manage their content with skill and professionalism, and to enhance Their influential presence in digital platforms, and the definition of institutions from the government and private sectors of what they offer.

Integrated environment

The program is not only limited to empowering creative talents in the digital space, but also contributes, through practical workshops, interaction between participants and trainers, and weekly meetings for participants inside and outside the Academy, to build an interconnected community network of ambitious, talented and enthusiastic people with the same hobbies and interests, with close degrees of skill and development. This will provide an excellent environment for the content industry to flourish in the region based on scientific and methodological foundations capable of spreading positive messages about the region across all social media platforms, effectively and smoothly.

• Graduates of the first batch achieved distinguished achievements, and the number of followers of some of them increased to 2000%.

• Emirati success stories recorded by Emirati content creators in the first version of the program.

• The Academy works to support and develop Arabic content, and to raise it to the world.

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