“Facebook” launches the feature to forget unimportant information


The American social network and technology company Facebook announced that it has started adding a new feature that helps artificial intelligence systems to forget unimportant information, which helps computers to complete tasks faster and more efficiently.
It is noteworthy that the Facebook network relies on artificial intelligence techniques to identify harmful content such as incitement to hatred or violence and to classify content on the “Newsfeed” service and in carrying out other tasks.
With the number of “Facebook” users reaching about 2.85 billion users per month, the network has become dependent on artificial intelligence techniques to carry out more tasks.
Experts at Facebook said, according to the “German”: They have developed a new method known as “validity” in order to help the artificial intelligence system to learn how to forget large amounts of irrelevant or trivial information.
The researchers added that every piece of information gets its expiration date, which saves space in the computer’s memory to be used to focus on the details necessary to accomplish the required tasks. At the same time, the new method can predict the most important information to be preserved for the required period.
“For example, if the model is training the system to perform the task of predicting the word to be written, it is possible that the artificial intelligence system will learn to remember rare words such as names, but it will forget very common words,” said Cyanbayar Sukhbatar and Angela Van, researchers at Facebook.


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