Facebook acquires a new company to develop games with virtual reality technology


Facebook acquires a new company to develop games with virtual reality technology

Facebook reaffirms its desire to develop its virtual reality offer, especially in the field of electronic games, and the occasion for that is the acquisition by Facebook of “Downpour Interactive”, which specializes in developing electronic games with virtual reality technology.

And Facebook announced last week that it had acquired Downpour Interactive, a company that specializes as we mentioned in the development of electronic games with virtual reality technology, and the company is also the developer of the game Onward, which is a game famous for being a multiplayer military simulation game, and it is as well. Known for realism as it doesn’t depend on the indicators found in other war games.


Facebook’s new acquisition of Downpour Interactive is the fourth of its kind in nearly two years, after Facebook’s acquisition of other well-known game development companies, namely “Beat Games” and “Sanzaru Games” and then Ready at Dawn, and back to Onward game Developed by Downpour Interactive, it’s currently available on the Oculus Quest virtual helmets, the Oculus Rift, and the Steam device.

Downpour Interactive said in a statement after the acquisition to speed up the development process and announced that it would retain full control over the production of games while the roadmap for future updates will remain unchanged.

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