Execution of the death sentence as retribution against one of the perpetrators in the Riyadh region


Today, the Ministry of Interior issued a statement regarding the implementation of the sentence of retribution for murder of one of the perpetrators in the Riyadh region.God Almighty said (O you who believe, retribution for the dead has been written upon you) verse
And the Almighty said: (And you have life in retribution, O people of hearts, that you may fear them).

Nayef bin Mudhi bin Kudiran al-Dhafiri, a Saudi national, killed / Abdullah bin Thamil bin Nahar al-Anzi – a Saudi national – by deliberately and aggressively ramming his car, which led to his death due to a dispute between them.

Thanks to God, the security authorities were able to arrest the aforementioned perpetrator, and the investigation with him resulted in accusing him of committing his crime and referring him to the court. A deed was issued against him to prove what was attributed to him and sentenced to death as retribution and postponing its implementation until the minor of the heirs of the murdered is reached and demanded with the rest of the heirs to fulfill it. Qisas, and the verdict was confirmed by its reference, then the right to the verdict was proven to prove the maturity of the minor among the heirs and his claim with the rest of the heirs to fulfill the retribution of the punishment from the perpetrator, and this was confirmed by the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court, and a royal order was issued to enforce what was legally decided and the right of the said offender was supported by his authority.

The death sentence was executed as retribution for the perpetrator / Nayef bin Muddi bin Kadiran Al-Dhafiri today, Wednesday, 7/10/1442 AH in Riyadh.

And the Ministry of Interior announces this to confirm to everyone the keenness of the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques – may God protect him – to establish security, achieve justice and implement the rulings of God in all who violate the safe and shed their blood, and warns at the same time all those who are begging him to take such a thing that legitimate punishment
It will be his destiny.

God and the Pacific to either way .


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