England Championship: New measures to avoid another “Super League” scenario


England Championship: New measures to avoid another “Super League” scenario

Tuesday – 22 Ramadan 1442 AH – 04 May 2021 AD

Some Manchester United fans after storming Old Trafford to protest against the club’s owners (AFP)

London: “Middle East Online”

The Premier League football league announced on Monday that it will take measures to prevent the creation of separatist projects such as the semi-closed European Super League that has been born dead.
This announcement comes after Manchester United supporters stormed Old Trafford to protest the actions of the American Glazers, who own the club, and their participation in the project, which led to the postponement of the match against Liverpool, which was scheduled in the league competitions.
Twelve clubs, including six English, including the Red Devils, have submitted two weeks ago the European Super League project, in which 20 teams compete, with 15 clubs guaranteeing seats each season.
The project was criticized by fans, sponsors, politicians, unions and other bodies, which led to its collapse less than 48 hours after its inception, after the English clubs withdrew.
However, this did not calm the anger of the crowd.
“The events of the past two weeks have damaged the foundations and spirit of English football,” the association said, calling for “all protests to remain peaceful.”
The association announced that it is working with the local federation and the English government on ways to amend the regulatory and legal framework “in order to secure the basic principles of professional competition: an open hierarchy, development on the basis of sporting merit and high principles of sporting integrity.”
She added, “These measures aim to reduce the threat of splinter competitions in the future.”
The procedures specifically stipulate the development of a new charter that club owners must sign “pledging to respect the basic principles of the Premier League” under threat of “heavy penalties”.
“The actions of a handful of clubs should not be capable of creating so much division and turmoil,” she added. We are determined to prove the facts and hold these clubs accountable for their decisions and actions. ”


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