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Today, Emirates SkyCargo has completed a year of loading emergency personal protective equipment, supplies and essential cargo onto the seats and in the overhead lockers of the Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.

In response to the urgent demand to transport personal protective equipment during the first wave of the “Covid-19” pandemic in late April 2020, Emirates SkyCargo, the cargo arm of Emirates Airlines, modified its operating model for loading certain cargoes into aircraft cabins on the passenger seats and in the overhead lockers with the aim of loading More emergency shipments are on its flights.

Within one year, Emirates SkyCargo operated more than 3,100 flights, transporting cargo on seats and in the upper cabinets of aircraft, in excess of 11,000 tons of basic supplies to 800,000 seats. Demand continues for the airline’s services to load personal protective equipment and other cargo into aircraft cabins.

To load cargo onto the seats and in the overhead bins on passenger aircraft, Emirates SkyCargo has assessed risks and developed guidelines for its Dubai business teams and ground handling partners across its global network. These directives included the most efficient and safe handling procedures for cargo in passenger compartments. The carrier also launched a smart calculation mechanism to help employees around the world calculate the appropriate loading capacity for the passenger cabin.

The procedures that have been developed specify the maximum weight and measurements of individual cargo, the types of cargoes that are permitted to be transported inside the cabin, and additional safety instructions. For example, when all perishable cargo is loaded onto aircraft seats and overhead lockers, appropriate seams should be placed inside the crates.
Emirates SkyCargo uses special passenger seat covers on the Boeing 777-300ER aircraft to prevent damage to cabin equipment, such as personal entertainment screens.

Personal protective equipment and other medical supplies account for the majority of cargo carried in seats and in aircraft safes. The size of these shipments allows the use of small boxes, which is easy to handle and load into aircraft. Other cargo loaded onto passenger seats includes clothing, dry food, dental supplies and sports equipment.

Emirates SkyCargo continues to play a major role as a global carrier of goods and emergency supplies during the Covid-19 pandemic thanks to its fast and flexible approach, and through close cooperation with its customers. The carrier currently serves more than 135 destinations across six continents of the world with regular weekly cargo flights.

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