Emirates News, ICAR merges with Car Pro to provide technology solutions for 500,000 cars for rent in the UAE


Emirates News Emirates News ICAR merges with Car Pro to provide technology solutions for 500,000 cars for rent Emirates Source Al Khobar – UAE – The statement with details of the news ICAR merges with Car Pro to provide technological solutions for 500 thousand cars for rent:

Emirates News Today, Ikar, the first and largest personal mobility company in the Middle East, has merged with Car Pro, an advanced platform for managing car rental fleets, allowing car rental companies that include more than 500,000 cars to rent their cars digitally through the ICAR platform.

CarPro will integrate Ikar’s Mobility OS into its fleet management software, allowing car rental companies to instantly list their vehicles on the ICAR app, develop their business flow, facilitate fleet management, analyze driver behavior, and track vehicles in real time.

Customers can enjoy new electric and fuel-powered vehicles, which provide all options from economical to modern and luxury vehicles. The increase in the size of the vehicle fleet contributes to the availability of taxis everywhere for customers through the car sharing platform or by delivering them to the door of the house for registered customers.

“The car rental industry is in a transformative phase as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, as the current situation continues to impose restrictions on the tourism and commercial travel sectors,” said Wilhelm Hedberg, founder of ICAR. Car rental companies are now adopting more innovative mobility options, fully aware that traditional rental operations are costly, ineffective and below the standard required by our current world that values ​​innovative digital solutions.

“The merger between ICAR and CarPro allows renters to easily add their cars to the iCAR car-sharing platform or via the subscription platform,” Hedberg added. On average, this will contribute to doubling revenues compared to traditional methods, as the platform will provide customers with thousands of cars for short or long-term rental. This will also give our partners the opportunity to develop their business, and it will open the way to youth markets and small companies as well, as this will impose flexibility in prices and at the same time contribute to preserving the brand’s pricing identity. ”

“Our partnership with Ikar represents the latest development of the CarPro product range, as we continue to support rental companies to provide the best services to match customers’ changing requirements, ”said Kyron Chalder, CEO of CarPro. The current circumstances in which we live have led to the necessity of using advanced technology to digitize the services we provide, and we are happy to give our partners everything they need to maintain the development of their business in the midst of market competition that always requires flexibility. ”

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