Emirates news agency – Dubai Trade Center adopts cloud-based contact center solutions from Avaya


DUBAI, 26th May, 2019 (WAM) – The Dubai World Trade Center announced that it has adopted a cloud-based call center solution from Avaya, becoming one of the first and largest organizations to adopt these solutions, after they were introduced last month in 40 countries, including Middle Eastern countries. And Africa.

These solutions provide flexibility, efficiency and the “innovation-on-demand” feature that characterizes the multi-cloud environment, which provides real-time customer foresight and data analysis within an informative context or framework, contributing to the development of all customer interactions within any communication channel they choose as the Dubai Trade Center advances in great strides. Towards adopting digital capabilities that allow the creation of highly efficient communication channels between customers and employees within various communication channels through Avaya NYSE: AVYA solutions for OneCloud CCaas cloud-based contact centers.

The new solutions, which represent major advances in the world of cloud-based communication technology, constitute a major tool that enables the compilation and comparison of experiences that customers have, whether they are exhibitors or internal customers, and this helps the Dubai World Trade Center to find effective and easy points of convergence between the various digital communication channels within the whole. The customer journey with a focus on e-mail, chat and voice communications, and a smart matching process between customers and the best employees of the Dubai World Trade Center to provide services that meet the needs accurately and to provide a “personalized” interaction experience through employees based on an adjustable and modern work environment that contributes to providing detailed forward-looking data Specifically for the customer through several applications and systems through a single user interface and support the Dubai World Trade Center through proactive information about customer interaction by anticipating their needs and dealing with them effectively during their entire journey.

Farid Farooq, Vice President of Information Technology, Procurement and Contracts at Dubai World Trade Center, said that Dubai is setting a global example to follow in the safe reopening of major events. As a regional leader in this field, stressing the commitment of Dubai World Trade Center to ensure all that is required to provide better offers than ever before in the field of customer experience.

“Because exhibitors are keen to participate in the center’s various services that are very popular in the field of events and events, the center is studying cloud-based solutions that enable teams to serve callers in a more efficient manner. It offers cloud-based contact center solutions from Avaya.” Features and flexibility to achieve these goals. ”

Avaya’s cloud-based contact center solutions offer the ability to integrate and unify capabilities and experiences with support from Avaya’s cloud-based communication platform solutions (CPaaS) that enable capacity maximization to provide more value in services to the customer experience center. Existing applications to expand the range of available capabilities and also the ability to build special applications to provide unique solutions that contribute to achieving specific and detailed needs in the way the customer wants.

Global Avaya President Nidal Abu Latif said that the Dubai World Trade Center has a well-earned reputation as a pioneer in the global event industry and last year the center showed the world how a global technology trade fair could succeed in convening through an integrated business environment. This year, as restrictions are eased, the Dubai World Trade Center is demonstrating its commitment to providing standardized and pooled experiences at a time of high demand for services.

WAM / Aisha Al-Suwaidi / Abdel Nasser Moneim


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