Emirates News Agency – “Al Owais Al Thaqafia” organizes a seminar on Saadallah and Nous … “Hope triumphs and the dream continues”


DUBAI, 4th May, WAM / The Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Cultural Foundation is organizing, on Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26 May, a hypothetical intellectual forum on the late playwright Saadallah Wanous entitled “Hope Triumphs and Dream Continues”, as part of its plan to revive the memory of great Arab creators. They won the Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Award in various fields.

A group of prominent Arab intellectual and artistic personalities will participate in the symposium, with certificates, research and studies on the late playwright who won the Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Cultural Prize in the field of story, novel and theatrical first session “1988 – 1989″. From a theoretical and practical point of view, it is conscious of the role of theater in deepening a collective sense of historical destiny. ”

The event will be attended by artist Nidal Al-Ashkar from Lebanon, playwright Farhan Bulbul from Syria, actor Ahmed Al-Jasmi from the Emirates, writer and artist Abdullah Saleh from the Emirates, theater critic Dr. Ezz El-Din Al-Madani from Tunisia, poet and playwright Paul Shaoul from Lebanon, academic critic Dr. Ibtihal Al-Khatib from Kuwait and writer The theater director, Abd al-Ilah Abd al-Qadir from Iraq, the critic and academic Dr Hassan Youssefi from Morocco, the playwright Najm al-Din Samman from Syria, the writer Dima Saadallah and Nous from Syria .. The forum is moderated by Dr Habib Ghuloom from the Emirates and theater critic Essam Abu al-Qasim from Sudan.

The forum is held virtually via a live broadcast on the platform of the Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Cultural Foundation. The proceedings of the forum can be attended through the Foundation’s Facebook page, and then all posts will be printed in a book issued by the Foundation later.

Saadallah Wanous “1941 – 1997” is considered one of the most important Syrian playwrights who contributed to the enrichment of Arab theater. He created a new theater different from the theater of rhetoric. He believed in “word – action” and established an existential and philosophical theater, and became one of the signs of courageous conscience.

Among his boldest political plays are “The Elephant O King of Time” (1969), “The King is the King” (1977), and “A Handful Journey from Unawareness to Awakening” (1978).

WAM / Amal Abidi / Abdel Nasser Moneim


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