Elon Musk is declining in the world ranking of the richest list – Economist – World Economy


Tesla boss Elon Musk has fallen into the ranking of the world’s top billionaires, where he is currently ranked third on Bloomberg’s list of billionaires published on Monday.

The decline in the fortune of the South African-born entrepreneur is linked to the ups and downs in shares of electric car maker Tesla, in which he owns a large stake.

According to Bloomberg estimates, Musk’s personal fortune has fallen 24% since January to $ 160.6 billion.

Bernard Arnault of luxury goods company LVMH is now second on the billionaires list, with a total net worth of $ 161.2 billion.

Amazon chief Jeff Bezos tops the list with a net worth of $ 190 billion. He had only regained first place from Musk in March.

Rich listings are mostly based on publicly available information about assets such as stocks, real estate, artwork, and other luxury goods.

Therefore, it is not accurate and sometimes even controversial.



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