“Either we fix football or we watch its inevitable downfall” .. Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus insist on the Super League | Football


Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus issued a joint statement, today, Wednesday, to stress that they will not yield to the pressure of the European Union of Football Associations (UEFA) to eliminate their efforts to launch the separatist Super League.

The trio adhered to the project launched by 12 clubs at the beginning, while the rest of the clubs withdrew after harsh criticism from the fans, the game federations, and even from governments.

UEFA began disciplinary measures against the three clubs, on Tuesday, which announced their refusal to “insist on coercion” from the confederation, while the case continues in the courts.

A Madrid court called on the European Court of Justice to determine whether FIFA and UEFA had violated European competition law to prevent clubs from establishing the Super League.

The club statement added, “This disturbing situation constitutes a flagrant violation of the decision of the Court of Justice, which issued a clear statement preventing UEFA from taking any action that might punish the clubs establishing the Super League during the continuation of the legal procedures.”

“Accordingly, the disciplinary measures initiated by UEFA are incomprehensible and constitute a direct attack against the rules of law and constitute a lack of respect for the authority of the Court of Justice,” the statement continued. European “.

Barcelona, ​​Juventus and Real Madrid confirmed their rejection of what they described as intolerable coercion or pressure, and concluded the statement by saying, “Either we fix football or we have to watch its inevitable fall.”

The Spanish newspaper “MARCA” stated that the European Union may press for its revenge goal to expel the three clubs from the Champions League next season, with the continuation of its investigations.

The start of the Super League was announced, led by 12 founding clubs, but 9 clubs – namely Manchester United, Liverpool and Manchester City, as well as Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal, as well as Milan, Inter Milan and Atletico Madrid – decided to withdraw after reaching an agreement with UEFA within less than 72 hours of the launch of the tournament.

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