“Eid will bring you back” .. The launch of the National Center for Events – Saudi Arabia News


The National Events Center launched its campaign on Eid Al-Fitr entitled “Eid Returns to You”, with a song carrying words that inspires optimism, to celebrate the official launch of the center’s work, which was decided to be established in March 2020 by a decision of the Council of Ministers, to be the developer responsible for the events sector in all its fields in Saudi Arabia .

The center congratulated everyone in its campaign on the arrival of the blessed Eid Al-Fitr through a song that met with interaction and admiration, as the song was widely spread among its dealers waiting for the activities in the Kingdom to return to its previous era.

It is noteworthy that the song was distinguished by a cheerful tone to prelude the return of all this to us again, just as the Eid returned to us with its joy and joy.

The Eid campaign comes to restore positive spirit to all and spread happiness in Saudi Arabia through the efforts of the National Center for Events and the expected stakeholders in the coming period.


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