Egypt News | Science and Technology / Amazon reveals that it has prevented 10 billion counterfeit products on its store


She said Amazon It banned more than 10 billion suspected fake listings last year before selling any of its offers, as the numbers were released in Amazon’s first report on anti-counterfeiting efforts since it announced new tools and technologies in 2019, while the number of blocked false listings rose last year. By about 67% on the previous year.

Intervals E-commerce company The number of counterfeiters trying to sell on the site has increased, as fraudsters tried to take advantage of shoppers who were buying more online during the epidemic, while Amazon has been grappling with counterfeit products for years, but since 2019, investors in government filings have warned that selling counterfeit goods poses a risk. On the company and its image.

While the counterfeiters are trying to get their products on Amazon through the third-party marketplace, where sellers can directly list their goods on the site, the company destroyed the two million counterfeit products that were sent to its warehouse last year before they were sold, and said that less than 0.01% of all items purchased On the site she received fake complaints from shoppers.

Amazon said it can stop counterfeiters before they can sell anything thanks to machine learning technology, which automatically scans listings to remove fake suspects, and the company also gives brands a way to remove fake items from the site itself, instead of reporting it to Amazon and waiting for it to do something. What.

Amazon said it spent more than $ 700 million last year on its anti-counterfeiting efforts and has 10,000 people working on it.The company has also filed joint lawsuits with brands, including a lawsuit earlier this year with Salvatore Ferragamo against counterfeiters who were selling belts. High-end brand on the site.

Date: 05-11-2021


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