Egypt News | Arts / Houria Farghaly: Wahid Hamed said you are the best actress who knows popular girl roles


The artist said Houria FarghaliShe always likes to be natural and spontaneous to a great extent and to stay away from exaggeration, indicating that she wanted to challenge herself when she entered the field of art, as she wanted to enter it far from being Miss Egypt, and away from the idea that she is a sweet and beautiful girl, adding that she played the role of a maid In the Duran Shubra series, the late great writer Waheed Hamed told her that she is the best actress who is fluent in popular girl roles.

Houria Farghali confirmed, during her meeting on the ninth program broadcast on the Egyptian Channel One and presented by Yusef al-Husseini, that she sat for two years at home before performing the last surgeries she performed in the United States of America suffering from severe depression, to the point that she wished to die even when she was alone She was suffering from bullying and was bullied a lot.

Houria Farghali added, that when she went to the United States of America, the attending physician told her that she would conduct 4 surgeries, adding that she was happy with the results of the operations that she had performed, noting that she is currently the first thing she looks at in anyone is his nose, confirming that the most important thing for her was to taste and inhale. Regardless of the shape, she added that for years she has been breathing through her mouth, as well as buying the perfume, not knowing its smell.

She confirmed that she had previously felt that it was useless for her life and lost her confidence in herself, and turned from a beauty queen to a deformed girl, confirming that she lost confidence in many of her old friends who abandoned her except for the artist Rania Mahmoud Yassin, who did not leave her for a moment.

Houria Farghali added, that she learned from her crisis that the world is nothing, in addition to the necessity of distrusting people and the need to draw close to God, noting that she is far from arrogance, adding, “I say to the gatekeeper, you.”

The artist Houria Farghali added that she made a great effort in the series The Witch of the South, and played the role of a character afflicted by magic, adding that after presenting this role she was already hit by magic, as she found in her house a paper wrapped in one of the corners of the house written with letters of her name intermittent, in addition to the supplication She must not have children, marry, etc., to the point that she was unable to get up from the bed and her mother brought her one of the elders to the house who told her that she was afflicted by the touch of the jinn.

Dated: 2021-05-15


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