Egypt is asking for an explanation from the Lebanese ambassador regarding Charbel Wahba’s statements


On Tuesday evening, the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs asked the Lebanese ambassador in Cairo, Ali Al-Halabi, to provide an explanation for the offensive statements made by Lebanese Foreign Minister Charbel Wahba against brotherly Arab countries and peoples in the Gulf.

Earlier Tuesday, the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemned the shameful insults contained in the statements of the Lebanese Minister of Foreign Affairs against the Kingdom, its people, and the countries of the Cooperation Council.

In a statement, she expressed her “strong condemnation and denunciation of the disgraceful insults that these statements contained against the Kingdom, its people, and the Gulf Cooperation Council states.”

She also confirmed that these statements are inconsistent with the simplest diplomatic norms and are not consistent with the historical relations between the two brotherly peoples, adding: “Given the consequences that these disgraceful statements may have on the relations between the two countries, the Ministry has summoned the Lebanese ambassador to the Kingdom to express the kingdom’s rejection and condemnation of the offenses issued. By the Lebanese Minister of Foreign Affairs, and he was handed an official protest note in this regard. “


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