Edward supports Muhammad Sami


Artist Edward defended the director and screenwriter Mohamed Sami, after the United Company for Media Services decided to stop dealing with him.
Edward posted a picture of himself with Sami, through his Twitter account, and commented: “I support director Mohamed Sami against the smear campaign carried out by some colleagues, and for that, by saying a right testimony to director Mohamed Sami .. I worked with him and dealt in The work is with him .. a man who loves his job very much and gets tired a lot. I deal with me with respect and love, and he loves the actor very much. “
He added: “He gets the best of what he has, and because no one says that I will work with him .. All people know that I work with him and with others, and I do not miss a job, thank God .. I am my history in cinema and drama is great, and I work with many people .. This is a testament Just right, and I must say it. “
The artist, Edward, collaborated with director Mohamed Sami in the series “Nassl Al-Ghurab”, which was shown in the Ramadan 2021 drama.
It is worth noting that the United Company for Media Services recently announced a decision to stop dealing with director and screenwriter Mohamed Sami.


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