Education experts in international organizations praise the success of Saudi Arabia’s experience in “distance education” – Saudi News


A group of education experts in international organizations praised Saudi Arabia’s pioneering experience in e-learning and distance education during the Corona pandemic, stressing that the Kingdom provided a global model through the Madrasati platform, with its interactive capabilities and tools, in addition to investing actual study hours in virtual classrooms.

The head of the Technology and Artificial Intelligence Unit in Education at UNESCO, Dr. “Fengchun Miao,” emphasized that the Kingdom is among the few countries that have developed and implemented standards to ensure the quality of e-learning. This resulted in quality learning outcomes.

He explained that the Kingdom has conducted a large-scale evaluation of the impact of distance learning, and according to this evaluation, there has been no significant loss in actual learning hours since the introduction of classes through e-learning and distance education for all grades and all subjects, and almost normal school hours continued during the school closures using the data analysis that Tracks and records students’ e-learning performance, pointing out the importance of planning and implementing distance education programs in order to ensure universal and equitable access to educational opportunities for both genders in all countries.

He praised the success of the distance education experience in the Kingdom, which showed its leadership ability represented by the Ministry of Education in the planning and implementation witnessed by the distance education platforms, through the Madrasati platform, adding that comprehensive and equitable access to distance learning opportunities in the Kingdom enabled 98% of students to reach To the Madrasati platform, while 2% of them guaranteed the continuity of learning by accessing Ain educational satellite channels, and Ain educational channels on YouTube.

For his part, the international expert, Dr. Paul Lafer, praised the Kingdom’s ability to actually plan to make many changes required to achieve its 2030 vision, through the Ministry of Education overcoming the challenges of the pandemic and its success in distance education, pointing out that many countries during the pandemic are still It finds itself ill-prepared for a number of unexpected challenges that its citizens, families, communities and employers have faced, and given the Kingdom’s experience, education from kindergarten to the end of secondary education remains safe and appropriate for important new needs, and the ability to prepare learners to use new knowledge in ways that create wealth and add Sustainable value.

On the other hand, the Director of the National Foundation for Digital Learning in Ireland, Dr. Mark Brown, stated that the global epidemic has created many challenges for education, noting the Kingdom’s experience in distance education in development, and increasing capabilities in terms of harnessing the great potential of e-learning in achieving Vision 2030.

While the President of the E-Learning Union (OLC), Dr. “Jennifer Meaths” confirmed that the impact of the global Corona pandemic on the education sector cannot be underestimated, adding that the E-Learning Union worked with the National Center for E-Learning in the Kingdom to support the Ministry of Education’s strategy to plan for the future according to the vision 2030.

She indicated that the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom carefully studied the impact of the state of e-learning for higher education and public education during the pandemic, and invested digital study programs and technical solutions that help e-learning, including the unique and distinctive learning management system in the Madrasati platform, and the application of professional and educational standards related to each Aspects of e-learning.


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