Economist / Engineer Fahad Al-Bash praises the strength and depth of Saudi-Pakistani relations and the Saudi Press Agency


Riyadh, Ramadan 25, 1442 AH, corresponding to May 07, 2021 AD, SPA
The head of the Saudi-Pakistani Business Council, Eng. Fahd bin Muhammad Al-Bash, affirmed the depth of the strong relations between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, which include all levels and are accompanied by economic, investment and commercial mobility in many axes that constitute an added value to the economic components between the two countries.
He said in a statement to the Saudi Press Agency on the occasion of the visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan: “There are several investments and intra-trade between the two countries that started long ago in several fields such as petrochemical industries, agriculture, livestock, minerals, energy, textiles, foodstuffs, education, health, manpower, military and security cooperation. “.
Engineer Fahd Al-Bash stated that the major economic and investment transformations that the two countries have worked on to facilitate and develop the investment movement and intra-trade between the two countries, coupled with the aspirations of the two leaderships, come in accordance with the Kingdom’s 2030 vision, in order to raise the level of cooperation to its highest levels in all development plans.
In his statement, he dealt with the visit of His Royal Highness Prince Muhammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense in 2019 to Pakistan, indicating that it was a great and effective engine for what the Kingdom’s leaders have done since the independence of the Republic of Pakistan in 1947, on all political levels. It was accompanied by the signing of several memoranda of understanding between the two countries, which carried with it much good for both countries.
He indicated that the visit of His Highness, the Crown Prince, resulted in many visits by senior officials from the two countries, investors and businessmen in various commercial and investment sectors, which resulted in the signing of many intra-regional agreements between the two parties and raised the level of trade exchange between the two countries.
He stressed that the economic opportunities are great between the two countries, and are capable of attracting inter-investment, thus providing high added value and unmatched competitiveness in many fields.
Engineer Fahad Al-Bash promised the Saudi-Pakistani Businessmen Council the icon capable of highlighting investment opportunities and incentives between the two countries that could be transformed on the ground into huge investments and commercial exchanges. In this way, it will contribute to the development and development of relations, strengthening partnerships, raising their ratios, and contributing to an increase in exports between the two countries, surpassing what is present now with a value of 7.43 billion riyals of annual trade exchange.
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