Economic / Saudi ports record a remarkable growth in handling volumes by 8% during April, the Saudi Press Agency


Riyadh, Ramadan 28, 1442 AH, corresponding to May 10, 2021 AD, SPA
Saudi Ports, which are supervised by the General Authority for Ports, “Mawani”, recorded remarkable growth during the month of April 2021, by achieving an increase in the total number of containers handling, by an increase of (8.25) percent, by more than 609 thousand standard containers. Transshipment containers, an increase of (52.44) percent, by more than 263 thousand standard containers, while the total tons of cargo handling reached more than 23 million tons, and the number of vessels increased by (24.52) percent, by 1,102 vessels compared to the same period. From the year 2020 AD.
According to the statistical index issued by the General Authority for Ports, Saudi ports achieved during the past month a remarkable increase in the total number of livestock, with an increase of (88.64) per cent, by more than 450 thousand head of live livestock, as well as an increase in the number of passengers, an increase of (397) percent, by 46 thousand passengers, while the number of imported cars increased by (7.18) percent, by 84 thousand cars, while the total foodstuffs reached 2.3 million tons.
This increase comes in line with the requirements of development, the national economy and commercial movement in the Kingdom, as part of the continuous development processes that the Public Authority for Ports is working on in the framework of raising the level of operational and logistical performance and upgrading the competitiveness of the services provided to the beneficiaries, in addition to raising the capabilities of the infrastructure and absorptive capacities in this vital sector. It comes in light of strategic partnerships with major international shipping lines, in a way that contributes to strengthening the strength of linking the Kingdom’s ports with the ports of the East and West and increasing the quantities of handling in the ports.
It is noteworthy that Mawani is working according to its strategic goals and initiatives to develop a sustainable and prosperous maritime sector and enable its economic and social ambitions, in line with the National Transport and Logistics Strategy, which aims to make the transport and logistics sector a sustainable and integrated sector that stabilizes the future and enables national capabilities to contribute to the consolidation of its position The Kingdom as a global logistics center.
Saudi ports achieved an exceptional and unprecedented leap during the first quarter of 2021 AD by registering an increase in the total number of containers handling, with an increase of (16.18) percent, by 2.5 million standard containers, which is the highest rate of container handling during a three-month period in the history of the sea ports in The Kingdom also recorded an exceptional increase in the number of transshipment containers, an increase of (41.36) per cent, by 1.3 million standard containers, coming through 2,973 vessels, an increase of (5) per cent, compared to the same period last year.
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