Dubai Police treats 8,885 patients through its telemedicine service – UAE – News and Reports


Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Badr Sultan bin Qabba, Director of the Dubai Police Health Center, confirmed that the “telemedicine” service initiative, launched by the center last year at the beginning of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis, has succeeded in serving 8885 patients by communicating Yet with doctors and their diagnosis.

Lieutenant Colonel Bin Qabba said: “We provided a free drug delivery service to 2,162 patients in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman, of whom 1,412 patients were delivered medicines in cooperation with Emirates Post..

He added, according to the official Dubai Police page on “Facebook”, that the initiative has succeeded in achieving its goals and keeping pace with the objectives of Dubai Police and the state in confronting the virus and limiting its spread, and achieving physical distancing between individuals, while reaching the highest levels of virtual health care using available technologies, and preserving The safety of auditors and the medical and administrative staff from infection with the virus.

He explained that the initiative consists in providing medical services and consultations via phone or direct video calls with the patient, after obtaining an appointment by contacting the call center at number 901, and then the doctor contacts him later and gets acquainted with the symptoms he suffers and diagnoses his condition, and the patient visits the center in case His condition necessitated tests to diagnose his condition.

And he indicated that the target group are those who deserve treatment in the health center from those with chronic diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure and heart diseases, in addition to immunodeficiency diseases and diseases that can be applied to them according to medical standards.



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