“Dubai Municipality” obtains an “ISO” for safe work during the pandemic – UAE – News and Reports


In a new achievement that confirms Dubai’s leadership in implementing international best practices and its institutions ’commitment to work according to a vision that raises the welfare of the human being and puts his safety at the forefront of priorities. Managing occupational health and safety and applying safe work procedures during the “Covid 19” pandemic, which is the highest certificate of its kind in the world.

This is in appreciation of the municipality’s efforts to implement the best health, safety and awareness standards in this exceptional phase, in accordance with Dubai’s approach to confronting the pandemic and besieging its consequences on various health, economic and social levels. According to a report prepared by the British Standards Institute (BSI), which is a founding member of the International Organization for Standardization, “Dubai Municipality” is the first municipality worldwide to obtain this international certificate, which was launched in December 2020.

Within a new success that reflects the department’s continuous efforts regarding the application of best practices, its keenness to adopt the highest international standards and international specifications, and its commitment to them, especially in the field of maintaining the health and safety of employees and all partners and customers, which has been intensified work on it at a time when concerted efforts are made to combat the Coronavirus. The newcomer.


Dawood Al Hajri, Director General of Dubai Municipality, said: “In fulfillment of the wise leadership’s vision and aspirations in making Dubai the best city for life in the world, Dubai Municipality is keen to achieve the highest levels of excellence in adopting and applying the highest standards and circulating preventive measures to ensure the health and safety of its employees at work sites, and to preserve The highest levels of readiness in the department to carry out its tasks and programs of work.

And to provide its multiple vital services, whether to strategic partners or dealers, to reach all members of society, while continuing to develop and improve its programs and services in accordance with international best practices, thus achieving its strategic goal in ensuring public safety in Dubai.

Al-Hajri noted the keenness of Dubai Municipality, in its various organizational units, to continue achieving distinguished achievements locally and internationally by continuing to develop, and following the best international specifications, leading to obtaining prestigious international certificates that demonstrate the effectiveness of the various programs and operations of the department and their positive impact on society.

Stressing the municipality’s commitment to the excellence approach that Dubai established and became a model for its application in various sectors, which contributed to confirming its ability to face the challenge of “Covid 19” and avoid the worst of its consequences within an integrated work system that the municipality participates in its success, in a way that guarantees the community as a whole. And it safeguards its health.

It is noteworthy that the British Standards Institute is a well-established international organization dating back to the year 1901, and it specializes in helping to consolidate excellence in the mechanism of performing tasks and services, and to clarify the foundations for improving performance, reducing risks and achieving sustainable growth for various business sectors, and the activity of the institute extends to cover about 128 thousand sites In 193 countries around the world, it operates with a wide spectrum of clients ranging from major global brands to small local businesses.



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