“Dubai Comedy” attracts a bunch of the most famous stars


The Dubai Comedy Festival has revealed that it is returning with a larger and more entertaining version, during which it will host some of the best comedy talents in the world in Dubai between May 13 and 22. “Dubai Events” is organizing this year’s edition of the festival, while Prague, Live Nation and DXB Live oversee the production. Ali El-Sayed, Harsh Kogral, Mina Lyseon, and Kev Adams will join a bunch of brightest comedians participating, including Jad Al-Maleh, Eddie Griffin, Maz Jobrani, Nimer and famous Russian talents Alexander Riva, Mikhail Galustian and Evgeny Chebatkov who will perform for 10 days all over the city. The festival this year also includes a wide range of new shows and upcoming surprises.
Thanks to his quick wit and style close to the audience, Ali Al-Sayed, the Dubai-based comedian, succeeded in performing many shows on the famous Comic Strip Live stage in New York, in addition to many international comedy shows at the Edinburgh International Festival and the Change Theater Festival in Greece. As the founding partner of the Dubomedy School, he worked to establish the first comedy school in the region, presenting the arts of stand-up comedy with a unique Arab perspective and paving the way for many young talents in the field of comedy. Al-Sayed will participate in the Dubai Comedy Festival as a performer and supervisor of the festival, and will be on the stage of “Mall of the Emirates” on May 14th.
Harsh Cougral’s comedies focus on his life experiences in a funny and funny way. Cogral involves the audience, especially those sitting in the front rows, and presents a funny evening on May 15th at the stage of “Mall of the Emirates”.
New York City comedian, Mina Lyceon, has won several awards and has participated in the Broadway play Stomp, MTV’s The Grend, the three seasons of the Comedy Central Presents TV show by Comedy Central, as well as the two seasons of Rediculcence. Together with her husband, Ali El-Sayed, she co-founded the Dubomedy School of Art in 2018. She filmed her first comedy show for an hour, entitled Mina Lision: Arab by Nature, in 2017, and was the first comedian to achieve such a feat in the Middle East. Its second show is currently broadcasting on Comedy Central and Wafo. Licion will perform during the festival entitled “Grouching Up Rangeside” on the stage of “Mall of the Emirates” on the 20th of this month.
Cave Adams, the French comedy star, is visiting Dubai for the first time to participate in the festival and offer the audience a unique experience and entertaining times. Adams is presenting his many entertainment shows, with the participation of a group of his friends, including Elias Dajadel, Alex Fredo, Wafid Azria and others, on the stage of “Mall of the Emirates” on May 22nd.


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