Download the new PUBG Mobile 1.4.0 update for pubg mobile 2021 .. Download the PUBG Mobile 2021 update


Download the new PUBG Mobile 1.4.0 update I searched on Google and on social media, looking for the new PUBG update 1.4.0, which is the most powerful update for PUBG MOBILE 2021 games, as the new version comes with many incredible additions and features, and it has already appeared in the trailer announced by the PUBG game manager Through their official account on Twitter, millions of PUBG MOBILE fans downloaded the update and expressed their great admiration for the new additions that they liked, especially Godzilla and King Kong, and it should be noted that the update is available for download on Android phones, and our dear visitors to our news site, we present it in the link provided to install 2021 game update.

PUBG 2021 update 1.4.0

The new version of PUBG Mobile has undergone many changes and improvements that have attracted many and many PUBG users to install the update. You can hear real footage and equipment sound and chat with your teammates. A number of new weapons and combat equipment have also been added to make the game atmosphere more interesting and interesting, in addition to drastic changes in the shape of the buildings.

How do I install the new PUBG MOBILE 2021 update?

We provide the link to download PUBG 1.4 update for Android Phones, with Android or IOS OS; So everyone can enjoy the new features and additions in the game, especially enjoy the fun atmosphere while playing Henedy sound and wear the new PUBG outfits that look more realistic.

  • PUBG 1.4.0 update download link via Google Play Click here.
  • The link to download the PUBG 1.4.0 update from the iPhone app store Click here


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