Doubts are confirmed … “delicate” negotiations regarding the European Championship Final


After a series of speculation, British Cabinet Affairs Minister Michael Gove announced on Sunday that delicate negotiations are underway regarding the venue for the Champions League final match.

The final will bring together the English giants Manchester City and Chelsea on May 29, and it was supposed to be held in Istanbul, but several reports, in recent days, indicated attempts to transfer the match for the second year from Istanbul due to the outbreak of the Corona virus.

Doubts about the venue of the match were raised after the British government decided to place Turkey on its red list for travel, making it impossible for British fans to attend.

“There are detailed negotiations currently in place,” Gove told Sky News about the possible venue for the final.

“My friend and colleague, Minister of Culture and Sports, Oliver Dowden, is talking to officials at the moment. I do not want to boycott, but I trust that British fans will love to watch the final here in Britain,” according to “Reuters”, he added.

Istanbul was also deprived of hosting the Champions League final last season due to the Corona virus, and was hosted by the Portuguese capital Lisbon, where Bayern Munich beat Paris Saint-Germain and crowned the title.

Several reports pointed to the famous “Wembley” stadium in the British capital, London, as a possible alternative to hosting the match.

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