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Borussia Dortmund qualified for the German Football Cup final, with a landslide victory over its guest Holstein Kiel 5-0 on Saturday (May 1, 2021) in the semi-finals.

Dortmund will meet in the final on May 13 with Leipzig, who beat its host Werder Bremen 2 1 Friday in the other match in the golden box.

The five goals for Dortmund came in the first half, while the second half was clear of goals.

American Giovanni Reina led two goals for Dortmund in the 16th and 23rd minutes, and captain Marco Reus added the third goal in the 26th minute. The Belgian Thorgan Hazard scored the fourth goal in the 32nd minute, and England’s Judy Bellingham finished the scoring in the 42nd minute.

Dortmund missed the efforts of his Norwegian striker Erling Haaland, but he did not face any difficulty in resolving the victory by five clean. Haaland watched the match from the stands suffering from a minor muscle injury.

But the match was not without disturbing news for Dortmund, as defender Matteo Morey suffered a serious knee injury in the second half and was transported on a stretcher off the field.

Defender Matteo Mori

Defender Matteo Mori sustained an apparently serious knee injury

Kiel did not manage to keep up with the quick moves of Dortmund, who is trying to save his season from failure after the chance to win the league title, along with his exit from the Champions League, disappeared.

As for the second-division competitor Kiel, who is in medical isolation for the second time due to the Corona pandemic, he failed to continue his inspiring journey in the Cup competition after he overthrew Bayern Munich in the second round.

Dortmund occupies fifth place in Bundesliga before their confrontation with Leipzig next Saturday, as they seek to end the season within the golden square to participate in the Champions League next season.

Dortmund dreams of winning the cup and winning their first title since 2017.

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