Dolly Shaheen to “My Lady”: I am preparing an Iraqi duet, two songs for children, and a series after the Eid


The Lebanese singer stated Dolly Shaheen She is preparing for more than one singing work that will soon see the light, and she also revealed a surprise for the children, she is currently preparing for them and is preparing to put forth the last frills on the two works that she considers a dream for years that she wants to please the children with them, and she also surprised us with an Iraqi duet that finishes the details of the last. “My lady” met her at one of the Ramadan suhoor parties, so we had this quick meeting with her.

Dolly Shaheen

* Tell us a little about your role in the movie “Eid Passport”, and the secret of your acceptance of this role?
It is a new role that I have not played before, as I play the role of a married community woman whose husband has an old daughter who suffers with her because of family problems, the whole movie is about marital problems. The reason for my acceptance of this role is that it really attracted me to him and provoked me to him that he is different discussing a new issue, and this difference made me excited to do it, and I like to add myself as an artist.

What is new about your singing work?
I am preparing a group of songs that will be released in the coming period, including a duet with an Iraqi singer that will be released soon, God willing. I also prepare for more than 5 songs, one of which is a dramatic song, and a classic song with a calm character, and I am working on two songs for children that will surprise the audience, God willing.

* For the first time, we see you preparing a work for children on your singing map, how did this experience come to light?
In fact, proposing a work for children was among my most important ambitions to present singing work that would please the children, and this matter had been intriguing and occupying my mind for a long time, but I did not find the appropriate songs or words, and thank God he will see the light soon.

Dolly Shaheen

* Are we witnessing Dolly Shaheen in a drama soon?
Indeed, God willing, we will start its preparations after the Eid, and the audience will see me differently, and I will talk about its details when signing the contract and starting filming, and I expect it to be shown in the winter season and at the end of this year.

* What is the news of Dolly Shaheen’s heart … Are we seeing your relationship soon? … What are the characteristics of your dream knight?
The link is currently not offered. As for the man to whom I will give my heart, his specifications are simple to me and mean a lot to me at the same time, which are: honesty, honesty and sincerity. The most important thing is for him to have the morals of manhood and love, and for his mother to feel his upbringing.

* Are you going to participate in a Lebanese business soon, and what are the news of your concerts?
I hope to present Lebanese work in the future, but the scenarios that were presented to it did not meet my ambitions, so I apologized for participating in it. Concerning concerts, they are currently stopped due to the Corona pandemic, as we require large gatherings, and this has become impossible now, and I hope this pandemic will end soon.


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