Does the “pulse” return to the meetings of Aoun and Hariri?


In light of the inquiries, and days after the French foreign minister left Beirut, contacts became active on more than one level. Political sources who have friendship with the various parties to the dispute revealed to Al-Jumhuriya that there have been contacts since last Friday at the level of the mutual friends of the President of the Republic General Michel Aoun and the President in charge of forming the government, Saad Hariri, with the knowledge and encouragement of Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, in order to feel the pulse about the possibility of Reviving broken communications on more than one level.
In information to Al-Jumhuriya, these contacts aim to market a scenario that talks about the possibility of reviving the meetings between Aoun and Hariri, as well as between Aoun and Berri, who for months have not monitored any movement or direct meeting between them, as usual, despite the absence of Wednesday’s meetings. The week between them since the outbreak of the “Corona” pandemic.


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