Does “Covid-19” affect human longevity?


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Professor Ancha Paranova

Average human longevity has shrunk in developed countries by 1.5 years or two, depending on the country.

According to this, Ancha Paranova, a professor at the School of Systemic Biology at George Mason University in America and a researcher at the Medical Genetics Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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Does weather affect the increase in the number of Corona cases in Russia?

The professor recalled that “Covid-19” is a systemic disease that can affect a person more than once.

She said that infection with the Coronavirus shortens life, even by a small amount and in some cases, by a tangible amount. Scientists are now studying the problem of decreased longevity of humans as a naturally occurring biological creature.

In developed countries, average longevity decreased by 1.5-2 years, and the reason for this lies in the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

She said that a conclusion like this was made by scientists, based on official US statistics. She assumed that the statistics on life expectancy in Russia were not radically different from the US statistics.

It is reported that Professor Paranova had previously assumed that cold rainy weather increases the number of Coronavirus infections. Conversely, hot and sunny weather reduces these injuries.

Source: TASS


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