Discover a serious flaw in the new Apple computers operating system!


Discover a serious flaw in the new Apple computers operating system!



Websites interested in software and technology affairs announced the discovery of a dangerous vulnerability in the latest version of macOS for Apple computers.

According to the available information, the software vulnerability was discovered by the experts of the information security company Jamf in the version of macOS Big Sur 11.4 of the recently launched operating systems.

Experts at Jamf noted that the CVE-2021-30713 vulnerability could be exploited by XCSSET software to access Safari software on Apple notebooks, and to control developers’ software installation permissions.

The dangerous thing, according to experts, is that the loophole enables Internet hackers to install programs that can access permissions to take screenshots of computer screens users are browsing the Internet, and it may be exploited to gain access to permissions to run computer microphones to spy on computer owners as well.

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For its part, Apple indicated that it is aware of the vulnerability and has worked to correct its computer software to maintain the confidentiality of its users’ data.

Information security experts have also recently warned that two token software vulnerabilities (CVE-2021-30663 and CVE-2021-30665) could potentially be compromised by Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD software.

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