Disclosure of the mechanism and conditions for fans to enter Saudi stadiums – Al Riyadi – Arab stadiums


The Saudi online newspaper “Makkah” revealed the mechanism and conditions for allowing fans in the Kingdom to enter the stadiums.

According to the newspaper, any fan who does not adhere to the time specified in advance to enter the stadium, will be deprived of encouraging his team from the stands, as he will be prevented from entering the stadium, as one of the precautionary measures that are expected to be applied with the return of the fans to the stadiums.

The newspaper said that it is expected that all immunized fans who have taken the (Covid 19) vaccine will be allowed to enter, and not others, according to the data of the (Tawakilna) application, whether taking one or two doses, while the host club will be assigned to do a temperature measurement for the fans before entering the stadium.

It is expected that the Saudi Ministry of Sports, represented by the General Administration for running sports facilities, will announce during the next two days the mechanism for the return of the masses to the stadiums after setting the fifth of Shawwal as a date for this return, provided that the mechanism will be implemented after consultation and discussion of a number of bodies, foremost among which is the Ministry of Health, the Saudi Football Association and the League The Saudi Professional League, clubs and operating companies, and other destinations.

And the Saudi Ministry of Sports had previously allowed the return of the (immune) fans in the Saudi national team match against its Palestinian counterpart at Morso Park Stadium as part of the joint qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and the Asian Cup 2023 in the UAE, on condition that the percentage does not exceed 40%.

And it will continue to allow entry only to the immunized masses who have taken the (Covid-19) vaccine, and not others, according to the data of the (Tawakolna) application, whether taking one or two doses.

The return of the fans to the league matches almost a year after they were prevented from attending the Saudi stadiums, in order to reduce the outbreak of the Corona virus.

The mechanism to be applied to enter the masses:

  • Ticket reservation via an electronic platform.
  • Putting in place a social distancing mechanism when reserving seats.
  • Determine the gates for the masses’ entry and exit.
  • Specify a designated entry time for each fan at the time tickets are purchased.
  • Selling tickets for fans of first-class clubs in the clubs headquarters or the club’s store for the excluded category, after confirming the Tawakolna application.
  • Banning the sale of tickets in the stadium on the day of the match.
  • Deny entry to a fan who does not abide by the entry time.
  • Only the immunized masses who have taken the (Covid 19) vaccine are allowed to enter, according to the data of the Tawakalna application, whether taking one or two doses.
  • Provide self-operating doors, and in the event that they are not available in some stadiums, all gates are left open to prevent further touching of door handles.
  • Distribute hand sanitizers in accordance with the requirements of the General Authority for Drug and Food and place them in prominent places at all entrances, doors and toilets that are easily accessible to the public.
  • Assigning supervisors to organize public parking lots.
  • Equip toilets with faucets that work automatically to avoid transmission through touch. Continuous cleaning and disinfection of toilets.
  • Putting social distancing stickers on floors in all facility facilities.
  • Training two workers on how to deal with the fans and remind them to distance themselves before entering the stadium, during and after the match.



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