Disclosure of the fate of Gomez after contracting Al Hilal with Marija


The “leader” celebrates the achievement of the French “Assad”

The technical staff of the first football team at Al Hilal is preparing to introduce radical changes to the way the team plays in the coming period, by contracting the Malian striker, Moussa Marija, despite the presence of French striker Pavitimbi Gomez in leading the team’s attack.

Sources in Al-Hilal club confirmed that the arrival of Marega does not in any way mean dispensing with Gomez, stressing that the French striker will remain within the team ranks even after the end of the current season.

The sources told “Kwoura” that the Al-Hilal administration did not discuss the issue of Gomez’s departure due to the contract with Marega, and said that the contract with Musa Marega aims to support the team’s attack with a second striker, where the financial attacker will replace the Al-Hilal list instead of the Syrian Omar Khirbin. The seventh foreigner in the list of Crescent.

The sources expected that Musa Marija and Pavitimbi Gomez would form a distinguished duo in the Al-Hilal offensive, which is what the “leader” administration is seeking to achieve in light of the upcoming commitments and benefits.

On the other hand, Al Hilal club celebrated Gomez’s 100th participation with Al Hilal in all competitions. Hilal players and the coaching staff formed a welcoming conduit for Gomez.

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