“Disaster Girl” sells her famous photo for about $ 500,000


The young woman with the “disaster girl” photo, which has become widespread on the Internet, sold her original photo for $ 473,000.

Zoe Roth, 21, achieved widespread fame on the Internet after her picture, at the age of four, went public standing in front of a burning building with a “devil smile” on her face.

The image has since become widely used on the Internet by anyone hoping to portray a catastrophic scene or a malicious or evil act.

In January 2005, Zoe Roth and her father, Dave, went to see a fire under control, deliberately setting fire to a property for removal in North Carolina.

Ruth, an amateur photographer, snapped a photo of his daughter, smiling and staring a mischievous look.

After winning the Photography Prize in 2008, the photo spread quickly when it was published on the Internet.

Ruth, now a college student, sold the original copy of the image for 180 Ethereum, a form of cryptocurrency, to a collector who referred to himself with a kinetic name.

Since its first appearance, the image of Ruth has been widely circulated and has been incorporated into many contexts of natural disasters and accidents, such as the sinking of the Titanic.

Ruth says she enjoyed seeing hundreds of copies of her photo.

She told the New York Times: “You can make it fit the context you want. I like seeing the different versions of the image because I like to see how creative others are.”

In addition to using it to pay off loans for her college studies, Ruth said she will donate the money to charity.

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