Dina El-Sherbiny discovers a new murder case in “Qasr al-Nil”


Camellia’s feelings have changed (Dina El-Sherbiny) With the nineteenth episode of the series “Qasr al-Nil” about the Sioufi family, and after pictures of Nabil Al-Sioufi (Nabil Issa) were published while he was being beaten in one of the Arab regions, for distorting his image in front of society, she felt remorse about her behavior, especially since she did not see anything bad from Nabil .

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Munir (Amr Al-Saeed) also asked Camellia to stop tampering with the Sioufi family, and to leave the palace and leave everything in it, but she refused and adhered to the palace in order to recover the right of her father, who was treacherously killed in the family factory, and the right of her mother, who disappeared in mysterious circumstances due to my understanding of Al-Sioufi ( Tamer Dhayi).

In a big surprise, Camellia revealed the killer of Sawsan, the first wife of Fawzi (Ahmed Khaled Saleh), by accident after she found her golden necklace bearing the name of Fawzi in Aida’s room (Reham Abdel Ghafour) to make sure that Aida was the killer, and at the same time Khaled Noah discovered (Ahmed Magdy) to the same secret, after reading Fahmi Al-Sioufi’s memoirs, and when he confronted Aida with the truth, she denied, and thus Camellia’s enemies fell one by one, so will she continue revenge or will she retreat after feeling remorse?

The Qasr al-Nil series will be shown on mbc Egypt at 4:30 pm and 9:30 pm, and on the Shahid VIP platform.


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