Dima Bayaa reveals her true nationality and resolves the controversy over her pregnancy


two hours ago

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London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Syrian actress Dima Bayaa has made it clear that she is pregnant with a new baby from her Moroccan husband, Ahmed El-Helou.

She explained in a television interview that the picture in which she appeared while placing her hands on her stomach was spontaneous and not intended to announce her pregnancy, as some believed.

She expressed her wish that God would bless her with two daughters, given her intense love for girls, especially since she had two sons, Rose and Leopard from her first husband, the Syrian star Tim Hassan.

The Syrian star also revealed her true nationality, confirming that she and all her brothers hold Egyptian nationality because her father is Egyptian of Palestinian origin.

Regarding the artistic issue, Dima expressed her happiness with her participation in the Egyptian drama through the series “Fares Without a Passport”, pointing out that she had rejected many of the works that were offered to her from Egypt, so her involvement in Egyptian works was delayed because she is always looking for a strong role and wants to embody a role Syrian girl living in Egypt.


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