Did Daniela Rahma confirm her romantic relationship with Nassif Zeytoun?


Actress Daniela Rahma was a guest on the “Echo of the Stadiums” program presented by the journalist Mustafa Al-Agha, causing widespread controversy during the episode. The reason for this controversy is due to her insistence throughout the meeting not to reveal the identity of her lover, with whom she has been living a love story for years.

While responding to the question, “Is the heart standing or working hard?”, Rahma said, “Working and strong,” to confirm with her answer that she is living a strong love story with a person whose identity she did not reveal.

In response to another question about her personal dreams, she explained that she wishes to marry, establish a family, and have 12 children, to have a soccer team, as she put it. The Aga interrupted her, asking if she had discussed the issue with her partner?

She confirmed that she had not discussed this issue with her lover, especially since she had not been formally associated with it until this moment. She added that although her heart beats, she cannot talk about the subject because there is no engagement ring in her hand, and the decision for the first step to engage with the other partner and the man is the one who takes the first step.

In response to a question about the things that she does not leave, Rahma named three things, including the image of her lover, for the intersection of Al-Rawas by asking “His image or his voice?”

And about the 3 most important advantages or specifications that a man should have in general, she referred to charisma, intelligence and loyalty. The Aga interrupted her, asking: “Does his voice have to be beautiful?” Daniela said “not necessarily,” trying several times, during the episode, to insist on her to reveal his identity and in reference to the Syrian star Nassif Zaitoun.

Who are the 3 most important young singers for her? Her father chose the artist, Youssef Rahma, Ragheb Alama and Nassif Zaitoun, because he sang the series “To Die,” as she put it, to be interrupted by the Agha, saying: “But Karmal, is that you chose Nassif?”

And Rahma had sparked controversy in one of the TV appearances, after being asked about the reason that prompted her to learn the Syrian dialect, remarkably, because is she living a love story with a Syrian person? “I don’t have an answer,” said Rahma. Did she confirm her emotional relationship with Nassif Zaitoun?


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