Diab: The financing card before the subsidy was lifted … and the Qataris have shown their willingness


Caretaker Prime Minister Hassan Diab considered that “the social, economic and financial conditions were bad from the beginning, as a result of accumulations over long decades, and we did not expect this huge number of successive calamities within only a period of 6 months.”

No to government sessions
Diab said in a television interview this evening, Saturday, May 1: “We do not refuse to hold extraordinary sessions for the government, but we follow the constitution that stipulates in Article 64 which stipulates conducting business in a narrow scope. Holding a session is an exception to the rule, and the evidence for the past 41 years has not met The caretaker government only once.

He pointed out that “the moment I submitted my resignation, I gave up the confidence of the House of Representatives. Therefore, we do not refuse to hold a session during the caretaker period, but constitutionally we cannot hold a session.”

Against the lifting of subsidies
He continued, “There are political struggles and a refusal to rotate the political angles to form a government, even 9 months after our resignation. Under these circumstances, I am against lifting or rationalizing support before arranging an alternative for the Lebanese community. The alternative is the financing card. So before you tell the Lebanese family that rationalizing support puts it, “It has additional burdens, and the difference must be secured so that it does not suffer from rationalization. We are working on a financing card. Hence my visit to Qatar. The Qataris have shown their readiness, but the matter needs to be studied.”

Visit Iraq and demarcate
In response to a question about the visit of the Lebanese delegation to Iraq, Diab stressed that “the visit to Iraq was not canceled, but rather it was postponed for internal reasons in Iraq, according to the Iraqi brothers. When they see it appropriate, they determine the new date for this visit.”

Regarding the issue of border demarcation, Diab asserted that “Point 29 was raised in the negotiations from the Lebanese side. What is awaited now is approval to amend this decree. Lebanon’s position is to adhere to Point 29, and we are waiting for the signature of His Excellency the President of the Republic exceptionally, like all the decrees that have passed. “I have full confidence in the Lebanese Army studies that show that Lebanon is entitled to Point 29. The Ministers of Defense and Public Works signed Decree 6433 that obtained my approval, and the file is now in the custody of the President of the Republic for exceptional approval.”

Cooperate with Saudi Arabia
Regarding Saudi Arabia’s decision to stop importing Lebanese agricultural products because of the tucked pomegranate shipment, Diab asserted that “Lebanon refuses to be the gateway to drug smuggling to any country, including Saudi Arabia.” He said that he stressed the security forces “to cooperate with Saudi Arabia in this matter, and I assigned the Minister of Interior to follow up the matter with the Saudi side, and I did not consider the matter a political decision on the part of Riyadh.”


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