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Jana, daughter of Egyptian artist Amr Diab, announced that she suffers from ADHD, “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Syndrome”.

Jana went to her former school in London, and wrote through her Instagram account: “My name is Jana Diab. I joined Queens Gate School, and I was advised to leave in the twelfth grade after I was diagnosed with ADHD and psychological disorders such as panic anxiety disorder. So I was experiencing difficulties in studying. ”

She added, “I had difficulty concentrating, not handing over my homework on time, and my inability to read the questions correctly. He was asking me to take my time reading the questions as if I were in control of this matter.”

She continued, “She was described by her teachers as stupidity, laziness and rebellion instead of supporting and directing her to the correct behavior. This support was directed towards students who are able to achieve high grades, and that she feels embarrassed to ask them instead of asking her teachers, and they accused her of distracting her colleagues, but she did not mean that at all.” “.

She revealed that she was sent to a teacher specializing in learning difficulties, but he was not patient enough with her in dealing with her, and he panicked her and caused her condition to worsen. English literature and I am achieving real achievements in my career. I am trying to obtain a degree in sociology from the University of Nottingham or Bristol. ”

She concluded that “she wanted her teachers to be contained and supported instead of advising her to leave, and she asked them to help her colleagues who are unable to learn.”

And Jana Amr Diab’s disease, known as “ADHD”, which is an acronym for the word Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, meaning hyperactivity and attention deficit disease.

One of the most common neurodevelopmental disorders in childhood, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is usually first diagnosed in childhood and often persists into adulthood.

Children with ADHD may have difficulty concentrating and controlling impulsive behaviors, or be hyperactive.


Daydreaming a lot
Frequent forgetfulness and lack of focus

Cramping or restlessness
Talk too much

Making careless mistakes or taking unnecessary risks
They find it difficult to resist the temptation

Difficulty taking roles
They find it difficult to get along with others

The individual feels anxious and has a problem with impulsivity

For his part, Dr. Jamal Farwiz, a consultant psychiatrist, explained that the causes of Jana Amr Diab’s disease are not known yet, but there are some theories that explain its causes, including the mother’s infection with German measles during pregnancy, or as a result of receiving vaccines, while other studies indicate that It is a genetic part of the family.

Dr. Jamal Farwiz added, that most cases disappear from this disease at the age of 14 years, and the rate of cure from it exceeds 85%, through several globally agreed stimulant drugs, which work to activate the cerebral cortex, because the owners of this disease suffer from activity in the subcerebral cortex. Then, treatment helps them achieve balance and then heal, as they must go to a psychiatrist to evaluate and diagnose the disease.

Jana Amr Diab entered the world of singing, and released her first song “MOUTH TAPED SHUT” through her own channel on “YouTube”. She also participated in her father singing in the song “Jamila” on the album “Sahran”.



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