Death due to the vaccine … an important statement by the Ministry of Health


The Ministry of Public Health confirmed, in a statement, that “since the launch of the national vaccination plan, it has been investigating every case that is notified regarding dangerous and non-dangerous side effects of vaccines, in coordination between the pharmacovigilance committee in the ministry and specialized scientific committees that ensure the extent of these symptoms relevance to vaccines From the scientific and medical point of view, noting that Lebanon is one of the few countries that decided to adopt this procedure similar to the developed countries. Accordingly, the causes of deaths reported by the media and social media are being investigated and the extent of their relevance to receiving the vaccine.The ministry also confirmed that it would announce “with full transparency the final report it conducts, according to the principles.”

Recalling what the World Health Organization affirms that “the benefits of the vaccine are much more than its side effects.”

In the context, she called on citizens “not to hesitate to communicate with her and report the symptoms they feel resulting from receiving the vaccine, or if they are suspected to be so, because early notification is a preventive and medical necessity.”

The Ministry drew the attention of citizens to being “the reliable reference for information on every case with all its details.”


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