Dangerous changes caused by vitamin B12 deficiency


(MENAFN – Al Wakeel News) – The body needs 3 micrograms of vitamin B12 daily, as it is one of the vitamins very important to the body, and it is a killer of cancer cells, and it is used to nourish and strengthen nerve cells, and its deficiency poses a great danger to the brain.

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Medicvorium explains the importance of vitamin B12, as it is one of the basic components of the healthy functioning of the body, and it helps to form DNA, the main component of the genetic material for all cells.

Vitamin B12 is necessary for the formation of healthy red blood cells, which carry vital oxygen to all parts of the body, and is necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous system. Loss of it over time leads to severe anemia, increases the risk of heart failure and stomach cancer, and its loss can manifest itself in many neurological, mental and physical diseases.
Doctors identified three physical changes in appearance, caused by vitamin B12 deficiency, such as paleness in the color of the skin. The change also includes changing the color of the tongue to become red with intense pain, with ulcers appearing in the oral cavity and extending to the soft tissues in the mouth at the base of the gums. .

The most important advice of doctors was to seek health care as soon as you notice mouth ulcers and yellowish skin color.

It is reported that vitamin deficiency has a devastating effect on brain activity, and experts have urged attention to the following changes in the body:

Tingling, numbness, or other “strange” sensations in the hands and feet (especially the feet).
Visual problems.
Difficulty walking and problems with balance.
Negativity in mood, thoughts, feelings, and behavior.
Difficulty thinking and forgetting.
Increased irritability
A tendency to psychosis and lose focus.

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