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The Syndicate of Maritime Agents warned that “the intense blackout at the Port of Beirut will result in a financial and economic catastrophe.”

The Syndicate of Maritime Agents warned that “the intense power outages in the port of Beirut will result in a financial and economic catastrophe represented by the destruction of refrigerated goods in approximately 500 containers, most of which are of 40 feet, containing medicines, food and meat worth tens of millions of dollars,” pointing out that “this The painful reality is aggravated by the failure to renew the current director general to assign Engineer Basem Al-Qaisi, or to appoint a replacement for him, and this results in paralysis in the board of directors and the suspension of the conduct of the exchange and purchase of diesel and the necessary maintenance of the port’s generators.

She pointed out in a statement that “the current dangerous reality strikes the container terminal and its customers, including importers, exporters and shipping lines, which requires the Guardian Minister Michel Najjar to take all necessary decisions and obtain the government’s decisive support to secure electricity without interruption to the port terminal as it was secured in previous months,” adding “The current diesel stock in the port’s tanks may not be enough until the end of tomorrow, and therefore the Maritime Agents Syndicate raises the cry to all concerned to secure the minimum elements of steadfastness and continuity for the port of the capital, Beirut, at this critical stage that the country is going through, in the service of the public interest.”

In addition, the International Chamber of Navigation in Beirut appealed to the concerned officials “to urgently intervene to secure the electrical current to the port of Beirut, especially to the container terminal, so that it can operate the ships it supports to unload food and secure food security for the Lebanese citizen on the one hand, and to supply refrigerated containers that They are imported by electric current from the other side, in order to preserve the integrity of the goods and goods and not to expose them to damage. “
She explained in a statement, “The port of Beirut is the maritime facility through which more than 70 percent of Lebanon’s imports and exports pass through, and it is very necessary to secure electrical current for the container terminal, especially since some of the generators of Beirut Port need maintenance, and the other part needs material.” Diesel is not available around the clock. “
The Chamber hoped that “its cry will reach the officials to work quickly to address the issue and realize the disastrous consequences that will befall the port and those dealing with it.”



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