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While the Americans and the British receive more good news every morning about the receding of the new Corona virus attack on their countries, thanks to their expansion in vaccinating their populations; India’s population becomes more bad news, and the reality is even more bitter. Yesterday, the Indian government announced that it recorded 366,161 new infections and 3,754 deaths during the 24 hours ending Monday morning. Although these two numbers are less than the astronomical numbers that were recorded during the past days; The Indian health experts say the drop is negligible, as the statistics usually slow down over the weekend. Also, examinations are dropping every weekend. This means that the real number of new cases and deaths may be just as ugly as the numbers of past days. Two-thirds of India’s states are still under lockdown. Yesterday, the government of the capital, New Delhi, extended its closure for another week. And the southern state of Tamil Nadu, where there are facilities for major global investors, such as BMW Motor Company and Dell Computer Company, decided; The closure starts from yesterday (Monday). With these last two figures, the cumulative number of injuries in India rises to 22.66 million people, of whom 246,146 people died. An Indian scientist in the United States said yesterday that India’s problem is that the number of cases increased by 3.6 times over the past month, while the number of deaths increased 6.3 times. While the number of examinations increased by only 1.5 times.”The Times of India” reported yesterday that Mumbai hospitals have reported an outbreak of fatal Mycosis septicemia, a fatal skin disease that affects the mucous membrane. The situation is made even more miserable by the scarcity of anti-fungal medicines. And mold can lead to blindness. She indicated that doctors have reported that this disease usually affects a person after two or three weeks of infection with Covid-19 disease. She added that it mostly affects patients who already have diabetes.

On the other hand, Colombia yesterday exceeded 3 million injuries, while the number of deaths from the epidemic rose to 77,854 deaths. It joined the trio, which had more than 3 million injuries, and included Spain (3.57 million injuries), Germany (3.53 million injuries), and Argentina (3.15 million injuries). Poland, which suffered greatly during the Second World War and the hegemony of the former Soviet Union, is on the verge of a dangerous escalation in its health crisis; As it is close to joining the three million countries, after the cumulative number of its injuries yesterday (Monday) reached 2.83 million, resulting in 70012 deaths.

Health experts in Bangladesh have warned that the country lacks sufficient quantities of COVID-19 vaccines. They said that intensifying vaccination is the only way to defeat any invasion by the mutated Indian strain of the new Corona virus. And the authorities in Dhaka announced last Saturday that they had discovered an infection with the Indian strain, the first in Bangladesh. Bangladesh has been suffering over the past weeks from the outbreak of the South African strain. Scientists believe that these two strains are rapidly spreading, and that they can neutralize the first generation of Covid-19 vaccines. But they said that the decrease in the number of new infections in their country during the past two weeks, compared to March and early April, provides a golden opportunity to intensify vaccination in preparation for any developments in the epidemic crisis. However, Bangladesh lacks vaccines, especially after the Indian government ordered a ban on exporting its vaccines. The Indian Serology Institute – the largest vaccine manufacturer in the world – was to provide Bangladesh with 30 million doses of the vaccine by next June, but it has actually received only 7 million doses, the last of which was received last February. Faced with this shortage, the authorities stopped allowing residents to register for the first dose, while postponing the dates for giving the second dose to those who got the first.


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