“Covid-19” travel insurance! – Saudi Arabia News


According to what was published by “Okaz” last Wednesday, Tawuniya for Insurance launched the “Covid-19” insurance policy program for travel and protection of citizens from the consequences of the Corona pandemic, and the document covers accommodation related to quarantine and the costs of canceling or shortening the trip due to infection with Corona virus, in addition to services related to Medical cases, including the costs of evacuation and medical return to the homeland!The document, which costs 375 riyals for a period of 30 days, can be extended to 60 days and 90 days, if travel conditions require this extension, comes at a time when obtaining a travel insurance against Corona has become mandatory for citizens wishing to travel abroad!

Sultan Al-Khashmi, Senior Executive Vice President for Insurance at Tawuniya, indicated that the program, which is the first of its kind, was designed in coordination with the Central Bank and the Health Insurance Council and managed on behalf of the insurance sector in the Kingdom and with the participation of 12 insurance companies to serve citizens traveling abroad!

In my opinion, insurance for travelers has always been a tool of precaution and protection for the exorbitant expenses resulting from emergency medical cases during travel, so how in this critical period in which the pandemic casts a heavy shadow over all travel destinations in the world!

The initiative of the insurance sector to design private insurance programs that are compatible with the requirements of international travel as imposed by the circumstances of the pandemic and determined by the official procedures to allow travel is very important, first to meet the request of travelers, and secondly to fulfill the responsibility for the requirements and conditions of travel!

In short, Covid-19 insurance has become your ticket abroad!


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