Corona survivors are 39% more likely to develop diabetes


A new study conducted by the Clinical Epidemiology Center in the Health Care System for Veterans Affairs in Missouri, USA, revealed that Corona virus survivors were 39% more likely to be diagnosed Diabetes New in the six months following infection with the virus, according to the “Bloomberg” website.

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Experts emphasized that some Corona survivors may develop diabetes that may appear after recovering from the virus, and this leads to an exacerbation of the global burden of diabetes, an increase in the number of patients worldwide, and heavy losses to public health.

The mechanisms behind the emergence of diabetes after Corona are unclear, although some doctors suspect that the Corona virus may harm the pancreas, the gland that makes the insulin necessary to convert blood sugar into energy. The sedentary lifestyles resulting from the shutdowns can also play a role, Late diagnoses may also play out after people avoid doctors’ offices.


Scientists have found that even mild cases of coronavirus in some children can be followed by a rapid onset of diabetes.

The new study

Diabetes, in which the body fails to produce enough insulin or use it properly, cost an estimated $ 760 billion in the previous year due to the coronavirus, driven by complications from stroke and kidney failure to foot ulcers and blindness.

The researchers found that Corona virus survivors were 39% more likely to be diagnosed with new diabetes in the six months following infection, compared to those without infection in the health system, and the risk increases about 6.5 additional diabetes cases for every 1,000 Corona patients who do not end up in hospital.

For those who are hospitalized, the probability jumps to 37 per 1,000 and is higher even for patients who need intensive care, and during the height of winter more than 130,000 patients were hospitalized with the Coronavirus in the US alone.

Globally, it has been reported that the Coronavirus has infected more than 153 million people, including more than 20 million in India, the country with the largest number of people with diabetes after China.

Pandemics collide

In another study of nearly 50 thousand patients infected with Coronavirus in England, it was found that they were 50% more likely to develop diabetes after about 20 weeks of discharge from hospital compared to identical controls.

Francesco Rubino, Head of the Department of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery at King’s College London Paul Zemet, a professor of diabetes at Monash University in Melbourne, who created a global registry of diabetes cases associated with Corona, researchers hypothesized pathways in which Covid may increase the likelihood of diagnosing diabetes, including the possibility of destroying insulin-secreting beta cells in the pancreas either by By the virus or by the body’s response to the infection.

According to John Nichols, professor of clinical pathology at the University of Hong Kong, other explanations might include an acute stress response to infection, the use of steroid treatments that help to survive but increase blood sugar, or just screening for diabetes conditions that have previously escaped The diagnosis.


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