Corona, India … 120 virus deaths every hour!


A month after the start of the second wave of the “Corona” virus spread in India, the death rate continues to rise, as the virus has killed about 120 people per hour during the past two weeks.
According to a report published by the American “CBS” network, out of a total of 222,000 confirmed deaths from the “Corona” virus in India, more than 57,000 cases were recorded during the past month, representing about 80 deaths per hour. During the past two weeks, about 120 deaths were recorded every hour.
It reported that dozens of US embassy employees in Delhi were among the latest confirmed injuries, but an embassy spokesperson told the network that “the health and safety of employees and their families is among the top priorities of the State Department and that all necessary measures will be taken to protect the health and well-being of our employees, including Provide them with vaccinations. ”
The Indian Ministry of Health announced that the total number of Coronavirus cases in the country exceeded 20 million, after more than 357,000 new infections were recorded during the past twenty-four hours, while deaths increased by 3449, bringing the total to 222408.


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