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British rock band Coldplay released a new song, titled “High Power”, during a video interview between the group led by Chris Martin and French astronaut Thomas Pescet, the night before last.

From the International Space Station, Thomas Pesquet spoke with the four band members. “You are more of a rock star than us, we feel like we’re talking to Bono here,” said Chris Martin jokingly after the French pioneer put on two dark glasses to protect his eyes from radiation.

Coldplay members asked Thomas Pisquet, among other things, if he had seen life forms beyond Earth and he replied: “Not yet, I’m watching, nobody knows.” Also, they asked him about life on the International Space Station. He added, “In the evening, when everyone goes to sleep … I put on the headphones and listen to music and float … It is wonderful. You feel absolutely free.”

On the topic of the song “Haier Power”, Chris Martin explained: “We imagine worlds outside the Earth, and this is a way to talk about life on Earth.” “We are trying to find an astronaut in all of us, someone who is capable of doing extraordinary things.”

Coldplay, which stopped touring due to environmental concerns, found common ground with Pisquet in describing his impressions of space.

“It is amazing how small, limited and fragile the Earth is,” he said.

Touma Pescet: The Earth is small, limited and fragile. It is a ball, in its own right.

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