“Clubhouse” on “Android” systems


It is expected that this month, information about the application’s use of Android systems will become clear.

After the “Clubhouse” application was restricted to IOS users and iPhone holders, the voice chat application started, the beta testing phase in Android systems for a limited number of users. It is expected that the service will appear with holders of these systems in the coming weeks. In his post, the application explained that: “Clubhouse has not been published on Android yet, but we have started offering a trial version to a sample of users for testing purposes.” “If you hear someone saying they are using Clubhouse, on the official Android application, please welcome them warmly,” he added, addressing the application’s users. During the current month, it is expected that information will become clear about how Android users register for the trial version, or ways to determine the users of the new version. The changes in the application included simple modifications in the means of security, and the addition of a request to join chat rooms in order to facilitate communication between users frequently, as well as a new way to know the speaker in the room. This step comes in light of the fierce competition that this famous application is witnessing, with other social media platforms around the world, such as Facebook and Twitter, who recently announced the addition of new voice services.


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