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Life has returned to cinemas in Lebanon after a months-long closure due to the outbreak of the Corona epidemic.

In intermittent stages, cinemas were reopening and closing due to the pandemic in Lebanon. It is one of the sectors that have been directly affected by the closure decisions issued by the Lebanese state to limit the spread of Coronavirus infection.

Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper pointed out that, just like the halls of the theater, weddings and other places of entertainment and entertainment, it had to implement the complete closure. The gatherings and the large numbers of people that it usually hosts in its halls, was the main reason for stopping its services in light of the application of social distancing.

Today, more than a year after the cinemas faltered; This led to the final closure of some of the halls, and the hall owners will start preparing for their return to life, starting from June 4. This is based on the meetings of the Committee for Follow-up of Preventive Measures and Procedures for Coronavirus in Lebanon, and it has been decided to allow cinemas and theaters to open again, from eight in the morning until eleven at night, at 50 percent of their capacity. These halls will implement the precautionary measures imposed by the state to limit the spread of the epidemic. These measures include taking the pioneers’ warmth, putting on masks, and social distancing, within the same hall.

For his part, Bassam Eid, who is in charge of programming films in “Ampere” theaters in Beirut, says that out of the 60 theaters they own, they decided to open only 18. “We do not expect the number of cinema goers in the economic and environmental conditions in which we live to exceed 30 percent,” Bassam continues. We do not count much on the number of crowds that will fill our halls in light of the high price of entrance tickets and the application of social distancing. In the context of his speech, Eid added, “School pupils and university students, who constitute a major segment of our clientele, can be said to have lost them, to some extent. Ticket prices will increase, during the first period of our return, by an amount of 50 or 60 thousand liras. It is expected that it will double to reach 120 thousand liras per ticket. These sums cannot be secured by them, or their families can provide them for them.

It should be noted that the ticket price for cinemas was 15,000 pounds ($ 10) before Lebanon faced the collapse of the lira’s exchange rate against the dollar.

Among the halls that launch with modern international films are the “Beirut Souk” cinema, “City Mall” in the Dora area, and “Fox” in Hazmieh. As for the latter, it has begun to prepare to receive its customers, especially since it is the only one that was and is still receiving the offers of some film festivals for the people of the press during the pandemic.

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