Chelsea News: Doubts about the participation of the two Chelsea stars in the rematch against Real Madrid


Chelsea – Premier League

Sport 360 – German coach Thomas Tuchel, the club’s coach, announced Chelsea The Englishman, about team player Matteo Kovacic, suffered a setback during his recovery from injury, and German defender Antonio Rudiger will not be available to participate with the team during the next team match against Fulham, which raises doubts about the possibility of players catching up with a confrontation Real Madrid Coming in the second leg of the Champions League semi-finals.

Kovacic is considered one of the most important Chelsea midfielders, but he was unable to participate in the semi-final first leg Champions League Against Real Madrid due to a muscle injury, before he suffered another setback during his recovery.

Kovacic felt annoyed at Chelsea training

The German coach said during the press conference to face Fulham: “Unfortunately, he is still injured, he trained with us but he did not seem comfortable at all, he felt something at the end of training, so he will not be available against Fulham.”

He added: “Before training today, we thought that he had a great opportunity to catch up with Real Madrid and even against Fulham, but now I do not want to be too pessimistic, we will see how he will be tomorrow.”

Rudiger is not 100% ready either, as he left the Real Madrid match feeling upset and will not play against Fulham as a precaution, while Tochel commented on his situation, saying: “I am sure he will be ready on Wednesday. To Kovacic very much, I am sure that both of them will be at the best possible level. ”

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