Chelsea decide to correct the “mistake” of abandoning Mohamed Salah


Chelsea decide to correct


A picture of Mohamed Salah while he was playing for Chelsea in 2014

The German newspaper “Sport Bild” revealed in a report today, Friday, that the English club Chelsea had decided to correct the mistake made by Jose Mourinho by dispensing with the services of Egyptian Mohamed Salah.

According to the German newspaper, the German coach Thomas Tuchel, the English Chelsea coach, decided to correct the mistake made by Jose Mourinho, when he was coach of the London club in 2015, when he dispensed with the services of the Egyptian Mohamed Salah, by attracting him again to the ranks of the “Blues” as of next season.

The German newspaper added that Salah is among the most prominent options that Tuchel has monitored to strengthen the ranks of Chelsea next season, along with the Norwegian Erling Haaland, the star of Borussia Dortmund, and the Belgian Romelu Lukaku, the Italian Inter Milan striker.

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Klopp flirting with Mohamed Salah in a video message

Chelsea joined a number of clubs that had previously expressed their desire to obtain Salah services, led by Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Spain, Paris Saint-Germain, and Bayern Munich.

Salah, who caught the eye with Swiss Basel, had played with a Chelsea shirt under the leadership of Mourinho, who did not give him sufficient opportunity to prove his presence so that the club decided to loan him to Fiorentina, Italy and after him to Rome before settling in the situation in Liverpool, who won the title of “Premier League” with him last season, which was absent. For the Reds’ vaults for 30 years.

Source: German newspaper Bild


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