Chadwick Bosman receives the “Golden Popcorn” award at the MTV Awards. Video and photos


The name and works of world star Chadwick Bosman continue to win artistic awards despite his death last August after a four-year battle with cancer, and nearly a year after his departure, world star Chadwick Bosman is still welcomed at major artistic celebrations, and recently, he was chosen Named, yesterday, Sunday, to win the award for Best Performance in a Film through an awards ceremony MTV للأفلام والتلفزيون Lam 2021

During the announcement of the victory of Chadwick Bosman
During the announcement of the victory of Chadwick Bosman

It has been announced that Chadwick Bosman has won the Golden Popcorn Award for his role in the movie Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom She announced his name as the presenter Yara shahidi That accepted the Golden Cup of Popcorn on his behalf.

Chadwick Bosman won many awards after his death through the film itself, the most important of which is the Golden Globe for Best Actor, and an Oscar nomination for Best Actor, other than many other important awards and nominations.

Chadwick Bosman in the movie
Chadwick Bosman in the movie

The story of the new movie revolves Ma Rainey’s Black BottomBased on a play August Wilson , Whose story is about the tension that escalates between Ma Rainey , Nicknamed “Mother of Blues(Played by Viola Davis), aspiring trumpeter Levee In the famous Chicago music in 1927.

On the other hand, a movie was harvested Ma Rainey’s Black BottomStarring Chadwick Bosman, the award for best hair and makeup at the Oscars, making Mia Neal and Jamaica Wilson the first two black women to win an Oscar for best makeup and hair.

In the same context, awards were announced MTV That 36-year-old actress Scarlett Johansson received the Generation Award at an awards ceremony MTV For films and television for 2021, which was held yesterday Sunday the 16th, this award is awarded to popular actors whose creativity has varied and whose artistic contributions have turned them into well-known household names in the fields of television and cinema.

Missed opportunity “The newsThe American actress, “Scarlett Johansson”, was honored with the Generation Award, in recognition of her long association with the studios of the superhero series, as she is one of the most famous faces associated with the world of Marvel Cinematic.


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